Jamie grew up in Southern Oregon, where life was full of art and animals. Her mother a local photographer, trained Jamie’s eye to see the beauty in her surroundings. In 2002 Jamie enrolled at the University of Oregon and studied Business and Spanish. With a degree in hand Jamie moved right after graduation to San Francisco where she began her long standing relationship with designer Rachel Ashwell and the iconic brand Shabby Chic. 


Jamie went through many evolution's with this company and brand. Focusing on developing and stabilizing operations in Atlanta, New York, London, San Francisco, and a Bed & Breakfast in Texas. When Shabby Chic was approached to open a Japanese franchise and take their products internationally Jamie spearheaded the enterprise. 


While Jamie experienced a high level of success and accomplishment, she found herself longing for more time in nature and a balanced quality of life. In 2017 Jamie moved back to Southern Oregon to offer her design and operations expertise to individuals and large-scale business who are looking to level up. 

She can now be found working in beautiful remote locations, riding up the trails, sleeping under the stars and adding to her ever growing farm family. 

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